Friday Night and Saturday Morning Mason Jars

I made these cute jars for my friend who was heading off to college this fall. Super easy, unique, and customizable! Anything can be added to the jars depending on the recipient’s taste/age/etc 🙂


2 mason jars with twist on lids

Gift tags

Hot glue and gun

Scrapbook flower stickers

Gold Glitter Acrylic Paint

Metallic Silver Acrylic Paint

Sticky backed pearls

Sponge brushes

Skinny sharpie

How to:

  1. I painted one jar with the glitter paint and the other with the silver, sponging in on with the brush for a sponged look and optimum coverage.
  2. When the glitter dried, I hot glued the flowers scattered around the jar
  3. On the tops of that jar, I hot glued the rest of the flowers stacked on each other
  4. On the other jar, I painted the top with glitter and then hot glued the pearls.
  5. I filled the jars with the respective goodies (Sat–flowers, Fri–silver)
  6. I wrote “Friday night” and “Saturday morning” on the tags and stuck the ends in the jars, fastening the lids on top. Viola!


Friday: Assorted beauty supplies ( I used NYX butter cream gloss in Apple Strudel, NYX shimmer eye pencil in Black Shimmer, Sally Hansen nail polish in Giant Peach 185, trial size heavenly eau de parfum), shot glass (Francesca’s), and necklace (xxi)


Inside of Friday
Inside of Friday
Saturday: 1 pack Emergen-C, batiste dry shampoo, Nivea lip balm, Dunkin Donuts GC, travel size pain relief pills

Inside of Saturday
Inside of Saturday

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