How 1989 is a Tribute to Harry Styles

Harry Styles and Taylor Swift’s relationship seems to be never ending, and Tswift has seemingly played into the fans obsession with some covert lyrics within 1989

Welcome to New York

Besides the adorbs NYE kiss these lovebirds shared back in the day, “When we first dropped our bags on apartment floors took our broken hearts, put them in a drawer” can easily be attributed to our fave girl’s desire for a fresh new start…without HS.

Blank Space

Oh, Tswift. Could this one be any more obvious? With lyrics such as, “you look like my next mistake”, and “You’re the king, baby I’m the queen” on top of the chorus referring to her rep on the dating scene and his recklessness, we can only surmise H was at least a little bit of an influence behind this jam


JUST KIDDING! FALSE ALARM! This is the most obvious 1D reference. The entire song is essentially Harry. We need not look further than mentions of a “James Dean look in your [beautiful green] eye…long hair slick back, white t-shirt” to know it’s def a reference to Harry’s iconic white t’s and luscious locks.

Out of the Woods

We all knew the minute “Out of the Woods” was released that those paper airplanes could only mean one thing: One Direction member Harry Styles had landed in Tswift’s newest single. Not to mention the not-so-candid lyric of their little winter sports accident in the bridge.

All You Had to Do Was Stay

Those teenage boys…so flighty. According to various teen mags it was HS that called it off (which is also mentioned in the song), but can we blame the British heartthrob? Thrust into the spotlight at 16, it couldn’t have been easy dating a glamour icon like our girl Taylor.

Shake it Off


Play on Haz. But we still feel for ya T

Bad Blood

This, gotta admit, is one of my favorites on the album. Such a solid mix of ballad and pop—but this bad blood and the “really deep cuts” can be attributed to the nasty backlash the couple got after their split…which wasn’t totally helped by T’s 2013 VMA Acceptance Speech….woooooops

Wildest Dreams

Taylor, you’re killin us. This one hits right in the sweet spot of anyone who’s ever been dumped. Just like Taylor was. Is this the admittance of a one night Haylor stand???? We don’t know for sure, but Harry is “so bad, and does it so well” so for my precious 1D heart, I’ll assume it is

You’re in my wildest dreams too, Harry

I Know Places

“Something happens when everyone finds out…they got the cages they got the boxes”

For sure, when a new celebrity couple takes flight into the public eye, they’re going to face tons of criticism and feedback from the media and fans. Every couple needs to find their little niche of privacy, which Haylor achieved with lots of nice weekend jaunts.

Quick throwback to the vacation that actually ended it all *insert teeth emoji here*


Only fitting that the last track on 1989 is about renewal, cleansing, and being your strongest self. Tswift has had boyfriends in the past and always seemed to bounce back. We know you got this. We think you’re finally clean of Haz too, boo.


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