Regrets in My Suitcase

Shipping off to college for the first time was one of the most exciting weekends in my life. I emptied my entire bedroom into boxes to send off down South, and overpacked the suitcases so much that Delta charged us another $75 for the weight of my 30 pairs of shoes that I just needed for life below the Mason-Dixon. However, when I could no longer close my wardrobe, I realized I had never worn the silver shimmering jeans I told myself would come in handy for a theme party some day–I also realized this was true for about 40% of what I had in my room. That being said–I want to share some of the less essential items and hopefully save you the trouble I went through.

1. Clothes you did not wear in the last calendar year

Chances are if you didn’t wear it at home, you won’t wear it at school. You’ll try it on with your favorite jeans, but trust me that top will never see a night out…or even a class block.

2. Those back pillow things with arms

Useless. Will only take up room on your bed, in your car, and your life. Stack up some pillows and its literally the same thing, for free!

3. Stiletto heels

Unless you know you have a formal event coming up, these can be easily shipped to you! I only wore mine once, and that wasn’t until my sorority formal in April

3b. More than one pair of sneakers, wedges, etc

You really only need one pair of each type of shoe. If you have short and tall boots, I’d count that as two different shoe types. Flat shoes are also unlimited.

4. Bathing suits

Didn’t wear mine once, and only necessary for spring break!

5. Alarm clock

If you have a smartphone, then you have an alarm clock. Save that room for another stack of photos for your wall! 


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