Our biggest investment: Our SKIN

This winter our skin needs hydrating, exfoliating products to survive the cold months. The skin is our biggest organ, so it is important as with any other relationship to invest in it and keep it healthy.

Soap and Glory, Clean On Me Body Wash (Ulta, $12)

Soap and Glory, Scrub of Your Life (Ulta, $10)

Soap and Glory, a skincare line based out of England, has amazing, affordable and fun products that are not only aesthetically pleasing, but smell sweet and keep skin soft. The body wash is incredibly creamy and moisturizing while the scrub is great for combating rough spots and bumps.

Origins, GinZing Face Mask (Sephora, $25)

Origins, Clear Improvement Charcoal Mask (Sephora, $25)

Our faces deal with the brunt of the elements, especially in winter with the cold weather. Add in makeup, sweat and stress and it can be hard to keep our faces clear. Origins masks are great for keeping skin balanced. The active charcoal mask tingles on your face and is always fun to take selfies with the grey mask on your face, but it draws out impurities and blackheads and leaves skin smooth. The GinZing is a great go-to on dark mornings when you need a boost of energy. The mask works with coffee beans, cucumber and Hoelen mushroom to soothe and refresh tired skin, and the scent helps wake up your mind!

Simple, Micellar Water (Drugstores, $7)

Micellar water is an inexpensive way for both guys and girls to add minerals to skin and clean your face after a long day. The water can be applied to face, neck and chest and does not require rinsing or waiting for it to dry. Since the water is super gentle, you don’t need to worry about it drying out or irritating your skin. It is super quick to swipe across your forehead if you are feeling a little oily or feel a blemish coming on, and is readily available at any drugstore.



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