The whole(30) truth about crash diets

Fad diets are nothing new. “Get skinny quickly,” “Lose 10 pounds this month,” and various other sayings of the sort plaster magazines at the grocery store and TV commercials for supplements and diets. What a lot of these diets have in common is cutting down on calories with the assumption that less food will equal weight loss. The dangers of such diets can be seen in eating disorders and unhealthy relationships with food. Not all diets involve cutting down drastically on just calories. The Whole30 diet is aimed at resetting your body to figure out if there are any foods … Continue reading The whole(30) truth about crash diets

Season for celebration: Mardi Gras at home and away

Mardi Gras was celebrated on Feb. 28 this year, although for those in New Orleans, the celebration is weeks long. With Elon only a 12-hour drive from the festivities, it’s not uncommon for many students to make the drive for a weekend of celebration. For those not able to attend the celebrations in Louisiana, the Catholic Campus Ministry, in partnership with the Truitt Center and LEAF, held a feast on Mardi Gras at Numen Lumen Pavilion. The on-campus event featured a live jazz band, festive decorations and plenty of authentic Louisiana-style food, from rice and beans to a jambalaya mix, … Continue reading Season for celebration: Mardi Gras at home and away

Let’s get physical

Everywhere I look it seems everyone’s talking about sex. Talking about it, blogging about it, singing about it on the radio, having it. It’s one of the most crude elements of being human, almost as much as sleeping and eating. I mean, for God’s sake, slugs do it. So why is it something that keeps us awake at night, hands hovering over our keyboards, unable to articulate just how we feel about it.

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